About Tour Roll

Take the Stride of Pride

Accounting for over 45% of the golfer’s strokes, the putter is the
highest used club in the bag.
Tour Roll aspires to serve the needs of serious and recreational golfers
by technological innovation, reducing the numbering of times they putt,
and helping them take the Stride of Pride.

The Problem

Competitor’s putters are designed to strike the golf ball below the
equator to lift the ball off the green. A strike below the equator causes
the ball to launch vertically (loft) with backspin in flight and uncontrolled
skidding upon landing. Loft produces a random time in flight and an
opportunity for the golf ball to go off course. For example, the more ball
loft upon impact, the more bounce upon landing. Backspin is an
undesirable outcome because it causes the ball to rotate
counterclockwise, produces skidding, and prolongs entry into the more
controlled pure roll phase of putting. Pure roll is defined as rolling
without slippage. This combined effect causes putt inaccuracy and
increase scoring. It can take the best part of 5 feet, or about 40% out of
a 12 foot putt for some balls to achieve pure roll.

The Solution

Compared to current putter designs, Tour Roll incorporates its patent
pending putter head that minimizes loft, backspin and skidding. This
new design has a raised sole height, independent of the face angle, with
a unique and distinctive putter base called a sole pillar. This feature
produces consistent ball impact within a specified strike zone. This strike
produces horizontal travel instead of loft, topspin instead of backspin,
and improves putt accuracy by expediting pure roll. The individual
putter components of the Tour Roll design work collectively to optimize
ball launch characteristics and decrease the distance and time to
achieve pure roll phase of putting. This is the preferred outcome and will
increase accuracy and score reduction.


David Korn
Inventor of Tour Roll putter. He has more then 20 years experience in product
development and sales and marketing management. David has led companies
through start-up, survival, turnaround and growth modes.
With strong knowledge of engineering concepts Dave has been able to take
ideas to higher levels and coordinate their development.
He holds a Business Degree from San Diego State University. He is actively
involved with his two children Michaela and Harrison, girl friend Nicole, nine
horses and thoroughly enjoys a good round of golf.

Shawn Kelly
PGA Teaching Professional in Northern California for over 26 years. Instructing
thousands of students from juniors to touring professionals. Shawn is a very
accomplished and recognized golfer. He has been 6 time Northern California
PGA Player of the Year, 2 Time Northern California Open Champion, played in 5
major golf championships, including the 1996 US Open, 3 PGA Championships
and 1 Senior PGA Championship, many PGA events and was a 2000 Cup Team
Member competing in Newport, South Wales. In addition Shawn is a weekly
columnist for the Auburn Journal and loves to fish.

Gail Snyder
Gail is a Mechanical Engineer with a dual career in aerospace and equine rehabilitation. She received her B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan, and spent 20 years working on frontier-edged aerospace projects, including space shuttle gravity experiments, and flight-simulation software design for the X-31A high-maneuverability fighter jet. Her understanding of three-dimensional dynamics, materials science, and modeling has been a great asset to the Tour Roll putter head design. Gail lives in Colorado, where she rehabilitates lame horses using her deep understanding of biomechanics.

Steve Baures
An electrical engineer with over 20 years of experience developing products in the high technology field with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo.  Steve has been with the same company and has risen through ranks. He is now in charge of all engineering disciplines, and has led multiple engineering programs over the years ranging from a few hundred thousand to 20 million dollar projects.  His calm approach and attention to detail has been the foundation to his success.  Steve enjoys spending time out on the lake swimming and fishing with his wife and 3 daughters.

Nicole Schoppe
Nicole has many attributes that are beneficial for the growth
and progress of Tour Roll becoming a successful company. Nicole has been a
graphic designer for over ten years with additional experience in publishing and
type setting.
Nicole excels in organizational skills and event planning capabilities. She
is closely affiliated with the community in Nevada County and has acquired
contacts nationally through her previous business endeavors. Her previous
business experiences include the marketing and selling of golf training aide’s
endorsed by, professional golfer, Fred Couples. She attended many golf expos
across the country and observed how successful and well organized the USGA is
conducted. She feels that the values golf brings to a community are important.